[Bug 101998] X server 1.19.3 failure with amdgpu (radeon M295X) on Ubuntu HWE16.04 kernel 4.10.0-28

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--- Comment #35 from Meik Neubauer <tech at meikneubauer.de> ---
(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #34)
> gdb cannot resolve symbols with only the core dump. Anyway, the screenshots
> showed the interesting parts of the backtrace. The problem is I have no clue
> how it could end up running the crashing code path.

I am not sure I understand this correctly. Maybe I am not getting the point
here, because I am not familiar with the intel platform (working on old
Mainframes instead), but from what I can get out of gdb is that the call stack
is pretty clear and the failure occurs in
hw/xfree86/drives/modesetting/driver.c in routine ms_dirty_update where
ent->slave_dst->drawable.pScreen-> SharedPixmapNotifyDamage(ent->slave_dst);
loads a zero address for the call.

The question is, which routine is responsible for setting up the structure in
and why is that not done correctly.

The related data areas seem to be all available in the core dump.

I agree that backtracking this is painful bit-counting, but it does not seem
out of reach.

I would first try to identify the routine that sets up

I have not tried this yet, because without a complete build setup on my machine
this is cumbersome task. I guess that with a ready development environment on
your side this is much easier to find out.

> We really need answers to the questions in comment 27.

I cannot set up a second machine. Due to network security restrictions here I
cannot connect between two PCs. And I do not have an external monitor in any
other location. So running a remote gdb debugging session is out of reach.
Also, this is my everyday production laptop, so I cannot conduct any wild
experiments on it.

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