[Bug 102144] video tearing since update to xf86-video-ati 1:7.8.99.r16.gea30d856-1

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Tue Aug 15 04:43:03 UTC 2017


--- Comment #7 from Barto <mister.freeman at laposte.net> ---
vsync setting is set to "never" in plasma 5 compositor,

with 1:7.8 version I don't see tearing in videos even if the vsync is set to

but with 1:7.9 version I see tearing when vsync is set to never,

if I chose ""Reuse screen contents" then I get a warning in the GUI compositor
about the risk on instability of mesa driver, with this setting I notice that
the background of my desktop "blinks" when VLC plays a video, the display is

with the setting "automatic" it's better, I see no tearing ( for the moment )
with 1:7.9,

does it mean that the vsync is mandatory with 1:7.9 version ?

it doesn't seem normal to have to activate the vsync setting in compositor,
with the previous version of xf86-video-ati I never seen tearing in videos when
the vsync setting was disabled in the compositor, 

for me tearing should be seen only on 3D video games when the framerate doesn't
match with the framerate of the monitor

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