[Bug 92889] Sound output using DisplayPort is NOT played during the first 3-5 seconds (on several audio hardware)

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Thu Apr 20 21:06:05 UTC 2017


--- Comment #24 from Etienne URBAH <eurbah at free.fr> ---
Lot of thank to Paul for his last comment :

Supposing that this 'sound not played during the first 3-5 seconds' issue comes
from an initialization delay, I imagined following (heavy) keep-alive system,
which succeeds !

Firstly, simple sound tests can be performed using shell commands with the WAV
files from the '/usr/share/sounds/alsa' folder.  For example :
$ aplay  /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Noise.wav
$ speaker-test  -D front  -c 2  -l 1  -t wav  -w Noise.wav

Secondly, after having set 'microphone level' = 1%, you can create a file
containing 60 seconds silence using following command :
$ arecord  -D default  -f S16_LE  -r 48000  -d 60 

The file size is 5.5 MB (which is enormous for silence), but it permits
'speaker-test' to play this file (if you want).

As 'root', you can create the '/usr/local/share/sounds' folder and copy the
'Silence-Mono-S16_LE-48kHz-60s.wav' inside.

Then you can start the 'keep-alive-hdmi-or-displayport-audio-output.sh' script
below as a user session daemon.
After that, when playing any sound, the first 3-5 seconds are NOT lost anymore,
but are really played.

I suggest that you test my workaround, then try to devise a much lighter
workaround at a lower level (like Windows does).

#!/bin/sh -e
# keep-alive-hdmi-or-displayport-audio-output.sh

set -e

pactl  --version  > /dev/null


while  true
  if  pactl  info  |  grep  -q  -i  "^ *Default  *Sink *:.*\.hdmi";  then
    aplay  -q  /usr/local/share/sounds/Silence-Mono-S16_LE-48kHz-60s.wav
    sleep 10

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