[Bug 97578] Radeon HD 5450 suddenly blanks screen or shows old content

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Thu Sep 8 15:54:30 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Markus Näher <markus.naeher at gmx.net> ---
Michael, yes, it looks like there is a package named xf86-video-ati-git for my
distribution. It's currently flagged "out of date", but I can try and check
what exactly is out of date and then test it. Before that, I would like to set
up a backup system on a second partition, just in case I screw up something.
Could take a few days ...

Tomorrow, I can test if turning off compositing makes a difference.

Today, I managed to create a screenshot that shows the effect very well. I
blurred some parts for privacy :-)
I'm attaching two screenshots: one when the screen was corrupted and a second
one shows how it should have looked like in that moment. This time I was lucky
and could "fix" it by switching back and forth between virtual desktops in
order to redraw the whole screen. After this, everything worked for an hour or

There is one more interesting thing: When creating a screenshot, the current
screen content becomes the new "saved state" that always is displayed when the
issue occurs. On top of that, a varying number of window fragments are drawn.
E.g. the CPU usage graph, sometimes the clock etc ...

BTW ... when the screen is corrupted, x11vnc also shows the corrupted content.
No, x11vnc is not running all the time, and the issue also occurs when x11vnc
is stopped. :-)

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