[Bug 97578] Radeon HD 5450 suddenly blanks screen or shows old content

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Wed Sep 7 15:47:57 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from Markus Näher <markus.naeher at gmx.net> ---
The packages that have been upgdaded at the moment when the issue occurred irst
are hard to say, since it's been a few months since then.
The reason why I reported the bug so late was that I first tried to get help
from the XFCE folks but then they said it looks like a driver issue.
Second reason is that I used the borrowed Radeon HD 7750 on the more important
PC for quite a while, hoping that the bug would be found and fixed before I
need to give it back.

I'm attaching my Xorg.log, but it show only the massages from startup. I've
just double-checked that there is no log when the issue occurs: I rebooted the
PC two days ago, and on the day after reboot, the isue occcurred the first
time. After that, the file content and date were still the same as after

I'm trying to create some screenshots. But when I hit the "print" key
(associated with xfce4-screenshooter), it immediately redraws parts of the
screen and the redrawed screen is then saved as screenshot, and after that it
flickers back to the corrupted display.

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