[Bug 97619] Rotated Display Output Fractured

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--- Comment #4 from klsu at cox.net ---
Herr Dänzer,

Using the link you provided and one I found looking for a "PPA which contains
an xf86-video-ati Git snapshot":

...present me with 1 and 3 files (respectively) that appear to be C (or C++)
program files. It has been a good 20 years since I've compiled anything, and
have never had to compile anything on a linux machine, nor have I ever had
anything to do with video drivers. I understand a bit about mapping a virtual
desktop to display memory, because of something I did in the late 1980s,
therefore, I suspect that if whoever wrote the drivers for this sees the
desktop, they'll know what's wrong. Therefore I'm attaching photos during boot,
at the login screen and at the desktop, plus a screen shot of the same desktop
using Print Screen.

I am not afraid to try to do whatever needs to be done, but have yet to find
clear instructions on how to compile and install code on a linux machine, so I
guess I'll just have to wait until the drivers in the Ubuntu PPAs for 16.04
have been updated.

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