[Bug 97940] Short desktop freezes with Radeon 7850

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Mon Oct 3 14:40:04 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Lyude Paul <cpaul at redhat.com> ---
Hi. The reason we do so many retries in the aux handler is because monitors are
notoriously bad at handling aux transactions and a lot of times just retrying
until we get what we want is the only way to make things work. This being said
though the radeon driver did have issues around 4.7.x with retrying aux
transactions far more often then it needed to be (over 100+ times in many
cases), in 4.8+ it's been fixed so that we only retry 32 times, which shows a
pretty significant difference in how long reprobes take.

So, I'd say try a 4.8 kernel and see if the behavior improves. If it does it'll
probably be a good idea to send those patches to stable so they get merged in
4.7.y. If that doesn't work, then the next thing to check would be why your
card seems to be so generous about consistently reprobing the connectors.
Reprobes generally shouldn't be happening often enough for you to even notice
the time required for them. To help us out with this, boot your machine with


Added to the kernel command line, and use your computer normally until you
manage to freeze it up for a second. Once you do that, just upload the full
kernel log (dmesg) to here. That might give some insight onto what your card is
up to.

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