[Bug 98832] Distorted colours after suspend / resume cycle

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Thu Nov 24 11:21:43 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Jan-Marek Glogowski <glogow at fbihome.de> ---
Just finished my directory based bisecting, which came to the same conclusion

$ git bisect log
# bad: [b953c0d234bc72e8489d3bf51a276c5c4ec85345] Linux 4.1
# good: [39a8804455fb23f09157341d3ba7db6d7ae6ee76] Linux 4.0
git bisect start 'v4.1' 'v4.0' 'drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/'
# bad: [9e87e48f8e5de2146842fd0ff436e0256b52c4a9] Merge tag
'drm-intel-next-2015-03-27-merge' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/drm-intel
into drm-next
git bisect bad 9e87e48f8e5de2146842fd0ff436e0256b52c4a9
# bad: [c6d2ac2c36f80b8be15d47a8da6fca803a432e1c] drm/radeon: add
get_allowed_info_register for r6xx/r7xx
git bisect bad c6d2ac2c36f80b8be15d47a8da6fca803a432e1c
# bad: [296deb7167b960d935025de770f3e3c6c2998fbd] drm/radeon/rv7xx/eg:
implement get_current_sclk/mclk
git bisect bad 296deb7167b960d935025de770f3e3c6c2998fbd
# good: [a1dcc2778b682361351a369652b66dd2d66cf1d9] drm/radeon: setup
quantization_range in AVI infoframe
git bisect good a1dcc2778b682361351a369652b66dd2d66cf1d9
# bad: [d7dbce09b61dbd8c00ea401a2dc734193309cb91] drm/radeon/dpm: add new
callbacks to get the current sclk/mclk
git bisect bad d7dbce09b61dbd8c00ea401a2dc734193309cb91
# bad: [d6d2a1882a79c1a5425d6f82b2fc7b934916f893] drm/radeon: add INFO query
for GPU temperature
git bisect bad d6d2a1882a79c1a5425d6f82b2fc7b934916f893
# bad: [b9729b17a414f99c61f4db9ac9f9ed987fa0cbfe] drm/radeon: dont switch vt on
git bisect bad b9729b17a414f99c61f4db9ac9f9ed987fa0cbfe
# first bad commit: [b9729b17a414f99c61f4db9ac9f9ed987fa0cbfe] drm/radeon: dont
switch vt on suspend

What else can I provide to help fixing the real bug?
I would like to prevent rolling out the revert as a fix.

So I can put radeon_crtc_load_lut somewhere in the codepath in
evergreen_resume, but that will take quite a while without any further advice.

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