[Bug 98832] Distorted colours after suspend / resume cycle

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Thu Nov 24 09:38:20 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from Jan-Marek Glogowski <glogow at fbihome.de> ---
I can't bisect the problem between v4.0 and v4.1, because for the two kernels I
build in this range, suspend was broken and the PC didn't wake up from 2nd
suspend, so I don't have a way to reproduce the bug :-(

I'm thinking about building the radeon driver only as an external module. An I
just saw it'S possibe to include a path in the bisect, which might help to
bisect just changes in drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/…

I also tried 4.9-rc6 (albeit on an Arch Linux), which shows the same bug.

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