[Bug 98552] RX 480 does not work as eGPU (amdgpu crashes at amdgpu_bo_init)

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Thu Nov 3 13:44:55 UTC 2016


--- Comment #16 from Gašper Sedej <gsedej at gmail.com> ---
Sorry for the confusion. I was not explicit enough

My the laptop I wish to "upgrade" is HP envy 15, with intel i7-4700qm (igpu
intel hd4700) and "dgpu" nvidia optimus 840m (not so fast!!!). The envy lacks
express card

The "eGPU" GDC EXP BEAST, which includes expressCard "cable" to connect to your
(I ordered minipcie cable, but I am waiting for delivery)

In mean time I am testing on company's old HP EliteBook, which have Intel
Core2duo, and AMD RV635 (no intel gpu), that HAS expressCard.
(this is the only computer that has expressCard)

I also have few real, fullsized gpus to test:
- nvidia GTX 770 - it's working as eGPU, but it after few minutes in game (also
the card is my friends)
- AMD RX 480 - does not work as eGPU
-(I also have AMD HD5570, and GeForce 610, also doesn't work)

I tried with blacklisting radeon, but it didnt help
So the "PCI resource allocation" is something that bios is doing? So another
computer to test...?

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