[Bug 98534] New: Unable to start Xorg with radeon driver

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            Bug ID: 98534
           Summary: Unable to start Xorg with radeon driver
           Product: xorg
           Version: 7.7 (2012.06)
          Hardware: PowerPC
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Driver/Radeon
          Assignee: xorg-driver-ati at lists.x.org
          Reporter: jeffbai at aosc.xyz
        QA Contact: xorg-team at lists.x.org

I wasn't able to launch X with the "radeon" driver on my PowerMac G5. I had a
problem with Xorg server choosing the wrong PCI slot for my graphics card,
described here:

https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=98524 BusID disregarded in
xorg.conf in dual graphics card and single monitor setup

So I ended up disabling the NVIDIA card (which caused the problem above) with
the following udev command line:

ACTION=="add", KERNEL=="0000:0a:00.0", SUBSYSTEM=="pci", RUN+="/bin/sh -c 'echo
1 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:0a:00.0/remove'"

And now the X server could choose the only right PCI slot for the graphics
card, but the server still won't start, from the Xorg.0.log (attached below), I
can see that the X server has chosen the right driver through probing - as I do
not have any xorg.conf that specifies to use the "radeon" driver.

Attached above:

- Xorg.0.log
- dmesg outputs (grep'd "fb" and "radeon")
- /proc/fb content
- lspci output

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