[Bug 95192] [EXA] X server intermittently hangs for short moments with rv710 card

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Sun May 1 15:41:36 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from aceman <acelists at atlas.sk> ---
(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #4)
> First of all, I consider using glamor a very good workaround. In fact, I'm
> planning to try enabling glamor by default on >= R(V)6xx once DRI3 is
> enabled by default (which I'm planning to try soon).

But on such a low card, wouldn't EXA be always faster than anything openGL?

> If the mouse cursor is frozen as well during the hangs, it indicates that
> the Xorg process is hung so badly that it can't even react to SIGIO
> generated by the mouse input device (actually I'm not 100% sure that's still
> true with the mouse driver; does the mouse cursor also freeze during the
> hangs using the evdev driver instead of the mouse driver?). It might be
> interesting to see a backtrace of the Xorg process during a freeze.

Maybe, but I can't produce it as I can't do anything during the freeze. And it
is not that long enough that I would manage to switch to virtual terminal and
run some trace.

> Does the problem also occur without the kernel parameter vmalloc=384000000?
> And without any non-default options in xorg.conf?

I'll try.

> P.S. It would probably have been easier to identify the change or at least
> component which introduced the problem if it was reported sooner after it
> started happening.

Surely. But I tried to find out what is causing it and made various long
experiments until I finally filed the bug.

E.g. I have an overclocked CPU on watercooling and due to this the kernel
disables TSC clock. So the current clock source is HPET (which is supposedly
slow). But I also tried acpi_pm without success.

Also of interest could be that the kernel is 64bit, but all the userland (X.org
and mesa too) are 32bit.

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