[Bug 93831] Black Screen after enabling 8 monitros on 2 GPUs (R390x)

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Tue Jan 26 12:28:35 PST 2016


--- Comment #3 from Andreas Wunder <awunder at alpha-it-solutions.de> ---
Thanks for coming back to me - i will try to deliver some logs over the
weekend, right now i am tied with windows :(

7 were working (but a few only in mirror mode), on the 8th it was crashing -
with radeon.

similar thing happened with fglrx, but it wasnt crashing there, it kept telling
me there were no memory left to enable the monitor. my Radeon 390x have 8GB of
memory each and my system has 48GB of RAM - so there's plenty of memory free.

what may be important, though: starting with a live linux dvd it usually
enables only one display adapter, the second is disabled. sometimes its enabled
(like on GNOME 3) but it lets me only extent the desktop to a total of 4
monitors, the other 2 (or 3) are mirrored..

on xfce4 i was able to enable the second adapter via xrandr but as soon as i
started to enable another monitor, entire xorg crashed.

regarding the setup its like this:

M M M M --> Adapter 1
M M M M --> Adapter 2

thanks a lot!

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