[Bug 91491] DRI_PRIME crash with fullsceen programs.

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Tue Jan 19 17:05:58 PST 2016


--- Comment #5 from Greg Turner <gmt at be-evil.net> ---
FWIW I have an r600+si dual-radeon system that until recently has been trucking
along like a champ (after I fix the output name duplication bug which I have
filed a bug for here and a patch).  Lately I get these lockups all the damn
time.  I see stack traces somewhat like yours, OP.

Best way I have to trigger them, although they are infuriatingly intermittent
and unpredictable, is to play wine video games -- I didn't realize the
fullscreen component but I usually have something fullscreen on one screen or
another so that may be the same here.  FWIW I run the bleeding-edge KF5

I am reluctant to leave my system in the state these lockups leave me and debug
them because I'm scared about shit burning up on me (although sometimes it
happens when I'm not around and sits there for hours in this state I admit).

I haven't entirely ruled out bad hardware on either side of the PCIe bus, but I
have more-or-less ruled out thermal crisis as the root cause.

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