Black window with Gnome3 (xf86-video-ati 1:7.6.1-1)

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These are my answers:

2016-01-07 2:44 GMT+01:00 Michel Dänzer <michel at>:

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> On 07.01.2016 06:10, Oscar Megia wrote:
> > Thanks for your answer, Michel
> >
> > I attached the files required and two more.
> >
> > After test different options I got it. Adding Option "TearFree" "on" on
> > xorg.conf works fine
> Since the problem is not tearing, TearFree can only affect it
> indirectly. E.g. one side effect of TearFree is that it disables page
> flipping. Does Option "EnablePageFlip" "off" work around the problem as
> well?
If I set "EnablePageFlip" to "on" and "TearFree" "off" -> only two side
If I set "EnablePageFlip" to "off" and comment "TearFree" -> Same issue
(black windows)
If I set "EnablePageFlip" to "off" and "TearFree" to "off"-> Same issue (black
If I comment all Options except "TearFree" to "on" -> only two side effects

Because the issue is random I cannot garantee all test results.

> > with some minor issues:
> [...]
> > And tooltips sometimes are shown incorrect:
> This could be .
export LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 doesn't solve any side effect.

> Does not setting AccelMethod to glamor avoid any of the issues?
If I set "AccelMethod" to "off", it solves the issue and two side effects,
but when I play a video, it takes almost all CPU. With mplayer I cannot
maximize videos, With vlc if I maximize a video it runs too slow.

If I set "AccelMethod" to "EXA" I have the same issue.


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