[Bug 91491] DRI_PRIME crash with fullsceen programs.

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Tue Feb 23 13:17:42 UTC 2016


--- Comment #12 from Greg Turner <gmt at be-evil.net> ---
Just an update.  Unfortunately with kernel 4.4.1 and xorg 1.18.1 I can't keep
the server running long enough to reach this bug.  Instead, within minutes the
primary display begins having what appears to be some sort of memory geometry
crisis.  Content from the framebuffer starts bleeding all over the place, and
quickly it resolves to a state where the affected output is frozen or reduced
to rendering some kind of non-3-dimensional hyper-shape that barely intersects
the plane of the screen.

Maybe I simply have a hardware problem on top of the original bug.  FWIW since
I upgraded I've had uncharacteristically long stable runs without hitting the
old lockup -- it could very well have been fixed by my kernel/xorg update. 
Indeed at one point I almost came on here and posted the bug was fixed (simply
never got around to it and then observed the new crash which gave me pause).

I'm going to pull the card and play some musical hardware.  Even if it's
software-related the new behavior seems orthogonal to the old and prevents me
from testing further.  I'm comfortable closing this bug on the basis that it's
not reproducible for anybody ATM.

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