[Bug 93746] Black screen when reconnecting display

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Sun Feb 7 11:22:39 CET 2016


--- Comment #10 from Bernd Steinhauser <linux at bernd-steinhauser.de> ---
Ok, I'm pretty sure I tracked it down:

commit 5b5561b3660db734652fbd02b4b6cbe00434d96b
Author: Mario Kleiner
Date:   Wed Nov 25 20:14:31 2015 +0100

    drm/radeon: Fixup hw vblank counter/ts for new drm_update_vblank_count()

Obviously the same (or similar) commit did go into amdgpu which I didn't test
as it is marked experimental for Kaveri.

The rev before that didn't show the issue, with that rev, it occured.

To be sure I also tested 4.4.1 vanilla and with the commit reverted.
For vanilla reconnecting the screen resulted in a black screen as described.
With the patch reverted, it did not happen.

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