AMD SUMO vs Xorg 7.7

Alexander Konotop alexander.konotop at
Thu Dec 1 20:18:40 UTC 2016

Hello! It looks like I've found a radeon driver bug.

Debian Sid(Unstable).

* SUMO (integrated in AMD A4 APU)
* CAICOS (external)

All webkit browsers freeze in few moments after startup while loading/opening or closing tabs.
It happens only whith an integrated card (SUMO).
Either propagating --disable-gpu to a browser or running on CAICOS using DRI_PRIME=1 eliminates
Also running sauerbraten on SUMO causes freezing in few seconds after game starts, in menu.
Switching to a terminal and back (ctrl+alt+f1 and then ctrl+alt+f7) unfreezes the game for few
seconds and then it freezes again.
No problems for sauerbraten with DRI_PRIME=1 on CAICOS.

Here's a forum topic which I started before I determined that the browsers problem is caused by
But there's not much useful debug info actually.

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