[Bug 97392] blank/dpms off causes X freezing on Redwood with commit 9090309e057dc703d1a5bffd88e6cae14108cfc3

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Fri Aug 19 10:28:04 UTC 2016


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(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #1)
> (In reply to mkgmafbt from comment #0)
> > blank/dpms off causes X freezing.
> Does it matter how DPMS off is entered (timeout, locking the display, xset
> dpms force off, ...), or does it happen in all cases? Which desktop
> environment are you using?

I haven't tested locking, but it doesn't make a difference if it times out or I
use xset. I'm using lxqt (openbox+compton by default)
What makes a different is how I end X. If I kill X and start X unblanking/dpms
on usually works, if I end X (log out) and start x, the displays doesn't wake
up after dpms off.

> > Freezing in this case means no unblanking, keyboard and mouse not working. 
> Can you attach gdb to Xorg and get a backtrace when it's in this state?

I strip debugging symbols on this machine, but I can rebuild stuff if needed. I
did rebuild X, libdrm and ddx, do you need something else too?

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