[Bug 89886] Xorg big crash with coredump

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more info ... and strange issues.

The analisys:

If i put the RadeonHD in the first pcie slot 16x and the nvidia in the 8x pcie:
6570 and 5450:
i can insert the fbdev and radeon in the xorgconf and have the 2d working

dmesg | grep radeon show [drm:.r600_ring_test [radeon]] *ERROR* radeon: ring 0
test failed (scratch(0x8504)=0xCAFEDEAD)
cant have glx working ... mesa unofficial gave errors .
6570 and 5450 dont have audio working ... look like the audio wanna play from
audio in and not from audio out

4650HD : work with accelerations with mesa patch but the system freeze if use
intensive 3d graphic or accelerations. Audio work good.

If i insert the radeonhd on second pcie 8x and nvidia (O.f.) in the 16x pcie 
if i put the radeon in xorg.conf black screen and is need to reinstall all the
if i put the fbdev i have the video working 
no glx with or without mesa patch (because fbdev)
dmesg | grep radeon dont show any error.... 
Audio work good on all cards.

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