[Bug 90843] broken colors after suspend/resume (iMac 8,1)

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Wed Oct 14 11:09:47 PDT 2015


--- Comment #4 from Jeffery Miller <jefferym at gmail.com> ---
Booting in EFI mode I have had this problem occur on an iMac8,1. It also
resumes with a white tint on the screen. I have not found a way to get rid of
the white tint except rebooting.

Booting in BIOS compatibility mode does not exhibit this issue, the graphics
resume from suspend properly.

I tested this with the 4.2.0 kernel. I have not tried other versions and do not
know if this is a regression.

I would be happy to test patches, provide debug information, or other
additional testing if it would be helpful.

I have seen a similar problem on an iMac7,1 and can test on it as well.

I am unsure of a good place to dig around to get closer to a solution on this.

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