[Bug 89886] Xorg big crash with coredump

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Hi devs ,
if there is a way for sent the xorg.log from the tty1 console i will try to
sent you but i need little advance about . This issue become from installation
dvds from the distros Ubuntu mate PPc 15.X and Lubuntu 15.X and after the
Debian Jessie Installation i have exactly the same crash.

Note i can replycate the same crash on Qemu PPc64 kvm too. and there there is
not an nvidia or a radeon but only the qemu driver. 
On Qemu PPc 32 kvm Xorg crash different way
I think the crash is related something about Xorg because all the guys in the
ppc community report issues xorg related on PowerBooks g4 , G5 Dual , G5 quad,
MacMini and X1000 too.
Only on MacMini g4 the issue is different everything is working but the colors
are wrongs in xorg.
Another user with  g5 dual and Nvidia have success to run the Xorg but only in
FBDev (with Nvidia).. and setting this kernel params: 

live video=radeonfb:off video=nouveaufb:off nouveau.modeset=0

If you need here he post is xorg log

Im try to help how i can .. if you need more info ask without problems.

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