[Bug 77107] Xorg freeze/crash when firefox opens a large image

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--- Comment #5 from Trek <trek00 at inbox.ru> ---
after a week of testing with debian jessie, I can confirm that the bug is
present also in the 7.5.0 version of the radeon driver

hardware specs are unchanged

to help figure out where the bug is, I should say that when loading the big
image, gkrellm completely freeze for 1-5 seconds and when it restart it don't
display the correct graphs, but it condensate all the events in one big event:
for example if the system is constantly writing to the disk at a speed of
1MB/s, you will see a big spike of 5MB/s in the graph

this should mean that non only X is frozen, but may be that all the other
processes on the system are frozen, as gkrellm don't even collect the events

may be that not only the GPU is slower that the developers ones but also the
CPU? And that the upload of the image in the GPU memory takes too much, in CPU
cycles terms, locking all the system at kernel space?

after a year of X freezing, when loading a web page I completely stop using the
mouse and take my hands out carefully, but luckily, thanks to some change on
the firefox side, it appears to happen less frequently; disabling the auto load
of images also help, like to switch to the vesa driver, but it sounds me not a
really good solution

another thing to note is that programs like geeqie are not affected when
loading the same image: different styles of X acceleration used by the two
programs when loading an image?

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