[Bug 91303] HD7600 glitches with TV Tuner

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--- Comment #6 from Evan Langlois <uudruid74 at gmail.com> ---

I know USB3 controllers and Linux don't quite get along (in fact you'll see my
name in the kernel as a tester on this issue).  To mitigate this possibility, I
plug the tuner into the USB2-only port on the other side of the laptop.  So,
both ehci and xhci are both used.  I can't turn off USB3 support in this BIOS.

tvtime is one of the few remaining "analog" TV apps that don't require
recording to the hard drive just to watch TV, although I believe the project is
abandoned at the moment.   There is no DVB at work here and this no mpeg
encoder (unless hauppage encodes it just to send it over the USB bus, and I
doubt it).

The screen shots show that the data is there, just reversed.  And data loss
would be expected on a busy system, and I get the problem at idle, under
multitasking, with both performance and ondemand cpu governors.   Its only a
good hard thrashing by Handbrake that seems to stop the problem, and it stops
it completely (without any dropped frames that I can see).

Mplayer doesn't seem to want to play that device.  And vlc has changed the
interface and I can't seem to get the new one to play the device, but like I
said, its all analog.

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