[Bug 91238] 1002:9583 [iMac7,1] X fails to automatically detect ATI radeon RV600 card

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Mon Jul 6 12:48:22 PDT 2015


--- Comment #6 from Raffaele Candeliere <candeliere at trendengineering.it> ---
(In reply to Alex Deucher from comment #5)
> It's likely a packaging or configuration issue with the newer version of
> Ubuntu then.  X has no dependencies on what was used to boot the system. 
> Are you using any special xorg config file?  Can you start X manually or as
> root?
Mmhhh. Not sure about that, but, again I don't think so. As you can see in the
Ubuntu bug report, there's no xorg.conf file. I'm simply using the default
shipped with Ubuntu, that is, no config file. I simply install Ubuntu with the
usual iso image and that's it. It used to work out of the box. The tweak I'm
using is only about the way Ubuntu boots (either via GRUB or directly via the
EFI stub). No other system wide tweak is in place.
Can I start X manually? No, I can't if I issue a startx command I get the same
What I haven't tried is to configure X manually, that is, writing my own
xorg.conf specifying the radeon driver, but it would be a gross workaround, not
a fix. But if you need it as a test, I can try that.

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