[Bug 91238] 1002:9583 [iMac7,1] X fails to automatically detect ATI radeon RV600 card

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Mon Jul 6 10:00:21 PDT 2015


--- Comment #3 from Raffaele Candeliere <candeliere at trendengineering.it> ---
Hi Alex.
Right now, I've attached the dmesg output you're requesting.
Regarding the bug related the the efi stub, I'd rather say no. I don't think so
because one of the first thing I've tried is to boot the the system with the
old kernel, the one shipped with the older version of Ubuntu (i.e. the one
involved when system used to work perfectly), and the bug was still there.
In other words, I've tested the following combinations:
Old kernel (3.19.0-16) + Ubuntu 14 --> Working
Old kernel (3.19.0-16) + Ubuntu 15 --> Not working
New kernel (3.19.0-22) + Ubuntu 15 --> Not working

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