[PATCH 0/7] glamor: Option "ShadowPrimary"

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Wed Apr 1 03:04:42 PDT 2015

The first six patches are in preparation for the last patch which adds
the new xorg.conf option. It's intended to give better 2D
performance in some cases, but currently has some drawbacks, which I'm
hoping to address in the future:

* Doesn't support page flipping. Enabling ShadowPrimary disables page
* While there should be less tearing in general than without the option,
  there is still some tearing (which may be more noticeable, because it's
  more constant), in particular in the upper right corner of each monitor.

These changes are also available on the master branch of
git://people.freedesktop.org/~daenzer/xf86-video-ati .

[PATCH 1/7] Rename scanout_pixmap_x field to prime_pixmap_x
[PATCH 2/7] Split out struct drmmode_scanout for rotation shadow
[PATCH 4/7] glamor: Remove unused function
[PATCH 5/7] glamor: Add radeon_pixmap parameter to
[PATCH 6/7] glamor: Add wrappers for the X server rendering hooks
[PATCH 7/7] glamor: Add Option "ShadowPrimary"

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