[Bug 83650] Video card gets overheated x600(RV380)

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--- Comment #1 from Felix Miata <mrmazda at earthlink.net> ---
FWIW, my 3 rv380 gfxcards are many years old, probably around 8 years. 2 have
passive coolers, 1 has a fan. Yours may be new to you, but it isn't new to the
world of Linux. If yours has a fan, is the fan working? None of mine seem to be
particularly well suited to playing HD video, but the CPU may have something to
do with this, better with more cores. I can't recall any trouble with SD video.
If yours has no fan, can you place an auxiliary fan to blow on the cooler to
eliminate the artifacts and freezing, at least to test, even with a house fan
and the case open? Which DE is your Mint 17 running? If Gnome, it may be
Gnome's heavy dependence on bling is the problem, not your rv380 card per se or
its driver.

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