[Bug 82102] 4k monitor edid rejected: EDID timing clock 297.00 exceeds claimed max 115MHz, fixing

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> > > You GPU does not support 4k over HDMI.
> > The specs at AMD claim this GPU does HDMI 1.4a 2 lanes of 340 Mhz dot clock
> > each for a total of 640 Mhz.   Even if only one lane is populated on this
> > card, that should still be 340 Mhz.   The modeline only asks for 297 Mhz.
> Where to they claim that? I think you've been successfully fooled by the
> HDMI forum, which allows anyone to implement some boring subfeatures noone
> is interested in and leave out the only thing important, namely higher
> frequencies, and still claiming newer standards (1.4 in this case)
> compliance regardless (for receiver devices which don't have such a high
> resolution this actually even makes sense).

The spec sheet at the URL you quote below mentions HDMI 1.4a.   Although I can
see how they might be skirting the truth about HDMI 1.4 compliance.

Are there any GPU's and/or cards that are known to display 4k at 30hz or above
under X?

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