AMD RADEON 8730M on linux

Hashan Darshana hashanabesinghe at
Wed Nov 5 20:53:29 PST 2014

I have dell inspiron 3521 i7 with hybrid graphics. I have tried everything
to stop AMD vga from working all the time. It heats the laptop and drains
the battery. I tried it on ubuntu 14, linux mint 17 and fedora 20.

I installed catalyst 14.9 and some other 14 versions. And then chose intel.
But nothing seems to work.

I reinstalled linux many times. Enabled POSIX. I saw in a forum that ubuntu
14 includes dynamic drivers for amd and that is why it cannot be disabled.

Sometimes, like in 1 out of 100 boots heating stops.

Do you guys know about this? Please tell me how to fix or include it in
your next driver version.

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