[Bug 85421] xf86-video-ati has flawed drawing straight lines operation

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--- Comment #2 from Zbigniew <zb at jabster.pl> ---
Not sure, do you know the comments of someone other; the comments seem to be
related, and may be helpful in tracing the problem:


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As of 2013-08-29, kernel 3.10.10, Slackware 14.0:  It's impossible to get 2D
and 3D acceleration working at the same time.  All permutations of drivers have
a problem with the screen going black (no signal) until the next reboot about
50% of the time when modesetting occurs.
CONFIG_DRM=y, CONFIG_DRM_RADEON=n:  There is no DRI or GL, but XAA 2D
acceleration works great.
DRI2 and GL but 2D acceleration is broken.  XAA and EXA claim to be enabled,
but 2D is sloooow and Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy" does nothing.
CONFIG_FB_RADEON=y makes 2D fast again but it disables DRI and DRI2.
CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_UMS=y causes the screen to go black every time.

With option 2 (DRI2), background or sky textures are missing in EDuke32 and
there is flakiness in PrBoom-Plus.  Reverting Mesa to 7.11.2 with DRI drivers
only or setting Option "DRI2" "false" in xorg.conf makes no difference.

2014-09-02, kernel 3.16.1, Slackware 14.1:  The modesetting BSOD problem is
still there and I can't stand it for long enough to test anything else.

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