[Bug 78853] Panic(?) after 10-20 minutes use of R7 265 in X

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Ok, the machine still crashes, but the failure mode seems to have changed.

Previously, the screen would flicker, become garbage, and then the machine
would reboot.

With the new kernel and firmware, the machine ran for about an hour in X
without crashing. I then tried to provoke it into crashing by doing some
reasonably intensive OpenGL work, namely; running Half Life 2. Please see
"dmesg-new.txt" and "xorg-new.txt" for the logs for the new kernel.

The game ran for a couple of minutes with the default settings. I then adjusted
the settings one at a time (increasing texture quality to max, increasing
shadow quality to max, etc). The screen went black and the machine instantly

I tried the same thing again, but this time the screen flickered, became
garbage, went black, but the machine didn't reboot. I logged in over ssh and
checked the dmesg. There were no *useful* messages beyond the status of the
network card changing as can be seen in the last dmesg. However, the kernel
apparently appended one line to the dmesg: "mce: [Hardware error] Machine check
events logged", but there was no more detail than that. I attempted to kill X
from the ssh connection and the machine hard rebooted when X went down.

As I'm sitting here writing this at the console login prompt, the kernel has
again printed "mce: [Hardware error] Machine check events logged". Please see
"dmesg-aftercrash.txt" for the dmesg as it appears right now.

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