[Bug 75629] [r128] Changes needed for RandR support

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--- Comment #14 from Connor Behan <connor.behan at gmail.com> ---
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> The current r128 code sets up R128_GPIO_MONID as the register used.  See
> R128I2cInit().  The question is whether VGA uses R128_GPIO_MONID or
> R128_GPIO_MONIDB and whether it uses the same bits for read and write. 
> Since most R128 boards only had one connector, it's likely they all used the
> same ddc configuration.  Have you tried the current r128 i2c setup for vga
> rather than dvi?

The current r128 driver (6.9.2) only uses the i2c bus if info->isDFP is TRUE. I
tried removing this check so that it tries DDC on my non-DFP card and this
causes a crash. I also tried setting info->DDCReg to R128_GPIO_MONIDB instead
of R128_GPIO_MONID and the result is the same.

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