[Bug 78464] black rectangles when running Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Wine

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Wed May 14 11:37:58 PDT 2014


--- Comment #7 from Damian Nowak <nowaker at geozone.pl> ---
OK, got the apitrace dump. I also captured a second dump where I set "Effects
quality" to "Low" to get rid of the rectangles. Maybe this will help you locate
broken GL calls by filtering out good ones from the latter.

You are interested in the calls just from the end of the dump. It takes a while
to go through the intro, main menu, game loading etc. to play the game. In each
run I did the same - after starting the real game I rotate and take a look at
the buggy tree. Then I hit ALT+F4 to immediately close the game. This way the
tree, on which rectangles appear in the first dump, is more or less the last
thing that happened.

I had to upload it to my server - the files are 1.3GB in total.
http://upload.nowaker.net/nwkr/1400091988_bfbc2.trace (rectangles)
http://upload.nowaker.net/nwkr/1400092320_bfbc2-low.trace (no rects)

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