[Bug 75709] Consider re-enabling glamor on at least R500

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--- Comment #9 from Marek Olšák <maraeo at gmail.com> ---
R300-R400 supports 2 colors and 8 generic varyings.

R500 supports the same, and if the back-face colors are unused and flat shading
is disabled, it reuses unused color outputs as generic varyings, so that it can
do 10 generic varyings.

In addition to that, the GLSL compiler implements varying packing, but it's
only enabled if the number of supported texture indirections is greater than 8.
Therefore, R500 gets the varying packing, but R300 and R400 don't, which can do
only 4 texture indirections.

However, this can be easily fixed in the trapezoid shader by combining the
float varyings into vec4s. Each float occupies the entire generic slot as if it
was vec4.

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