[Bug 80255] Garbage around mouse pointer if setpointer is used with 2 cards and compositing

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Fri Jun 20 03:05:15 PDT 2014


--- Comment #7 from Bernardo Donadio <bcdonadio at gmail.com> ---
The garbage is made of past renderings of the screen (normally the window
beneath the current window), plus all past drawings of the cursor icon (they
get stacked up, just like there's a "trail" of drawings). However, this garbage
only appears inside the square, in the part that is not filled by the current

The square is always placed exactly around the cursor. If I move the mouse a
bit to the side, it restores the current window drawing at the portion that is
not covered by the garbage square.

It's looks like there's a "mask" around the pointer, which gets filled with
past drawings.

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