[Bug 29643] Display switches to console when kernel logs a line

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Sun Jul 27 07:10:49 PDT 2014


--- Comment #8 from Aleš Smodiš <smodisa at gmail.com> ---
I'd like to report that since I upgraded to Debian Wheezy, this bug doesn't
manifest itself anymore. The same multiseat machine with two Radeon 4670 cards
now works without a hitch for about a year already.

Only original Debian packages are installed on the machine, nothing from
separate git repositories or similar. The old xorg.conf didn't work correctly
with the new kdm version for some reason, but then I found an excellent guide
for configuring a multiseat machine on a Gentoo wiki page:
http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Multiseat . Perhaps the troubles I was having on
Debian Squeeze were caused due to misconfiguration. As is described in the
mentioned wiki page, now I have two separate short xorg configurations, each
for a separate X server (left and right seat), and udev tagging of input
devices for exclusive use with separate seats, set in each xorg configuration.

I suggest closing this bug.

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