[Bug 80787] Rendering completely botched with current git version. Oibaf PPA.

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Wed Jul 2 11:53:23 PDT 2014


--- Comment #8 from Aaron B <aaronbottegal at gmail.com> ---
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> Can you narrow down what component caused the regression?

I'm honestly not too sure, I believe it was the radeon xorg-xserver updates,
but can't say for 100% sure at all. I'm checking Mesa's git and updates like
always, and it seems the build system was fixed for all modules into one
module, this could have updated in the middle of all that for my card. But yet,
it doesn't have any errors in xorg and everything seems to have loaded and
executed fine, so I sadly can't really pin point one exact component to why
this has broken my rendering. My best guess is xorg, but there's not many
updates and such there for radeon. So I'm basically stumped as to what is
really broken, honestly.

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