[Bug 73882] no backlight after suspend to ram with modesetting Trinity [7400G]

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--- Comment #5 from D <djtm at gmx.net> ---
Taking back the last comment, works also with hibernation via pm-hibernate
(Ubuntu 12.04).
- Even hibernation only resumes with an active display when booting with kernel
parameters nomodeset vga=0. Then I load radeon with modeset=1. (e.g. via

- freeze > /sys/power/state also does not work.

- radeontool (git) finds some registers are different after resume: (after on
top, before in second line)
RADEON_CRTC_H_TOTAL_DISP        0001f478                      | 
RADEON_CRTC_H_TOTAL_DISP        e0003040
RADEON_CRTC_H_SYNC_STRT_WID     060f0001                      | 
RADEON_CRTC_V_TOTAL_DISP        00000000                        
RADEON_CRTC_V_TOTAL_DISP        00000000
RADEON_CRTC_V_SYNC_STRT_WID     aaaa5555                        
RADEON_CRTC2_H_TOTAL_DISP       0000000f                      | 
RADEON_CRTC2_H_TOTAL_DISP       0200000f
RADEON_CRTC2_H_SYNC_STRT_WID    00003f3f                      | 
RADEON_CRTC2_V_TOTAL_DISP       00000000                      | 
RADEON_CRTC2_V_TOTAL_DISP       00000100

- radeontool light on/off never has any effect on my system.

- avivotool finds that D1CRTC is Disabled after resume.

- There is a warning in dmesg regarding brightness query:
ACPI: No _BQC method, cannot determine initial brightness

- The display is always turned off already during suspend, and simply never
returns from there. Hibernation only works, because the BIOS turns the display
back on. Without the radeon driver and kms active, as stated above, the quirks
help the display of wake up again.

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