[Bug 71189] screens go to standby mode

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Sun Jan 19 09:11:35 PST 2014


--- Comment #10 from jackdachef at gmail.com ---
tried out drm-next-3.14 (merged it manually into 3.13-rc8) with
radeon.hard_reset=1 radeon.audio=0 radeon.aspm=0

and launched UT3/Steam with R600_DEBUG=sb,nohyperz,sbsafemath,nollvm

it only took 1-2 minutes

then the first what stopped was sound [like before], the content of the monitor
was shown [freeze-frame] for several seconds (or even half a minute)

then the monitor turned off (standby) again

box was hardlocked and didn't react to Magic SYSRQ Key

after turning the box off and on only the fans + harddrives started up - screen
stayed black and no BIOS-beep/POST (this happens from time to time on this box
and usually the BIOS posts normally after the next cold-boot, but it so far
never has happened after a hardlock :/ )

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