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got the same/similar behavior on my 5850:

the monitor turns off (behavior like when the gpu has turned off or in standby)
and doesn't turn back on

switching to VT doesn't seem to make a change, the system keeps on running, the
games too (e.g. Serious Sam 3 BFE from native Steam on Linux; or e.g. Rayman
Origins from Steam via Wine 1.7.11)

the weird things is that there's no error message in the syslog or kern.log


Unreal Tournament 3 worked fine several kernel versions back (as far as I know)
when dpm got introduced

it's not really a regression in the sense since Serious Sam 3 BFE in the past
wouldn't even start up and the screen immediately turned black (+ monitor

now game starts up and is playable for a few minutes before the screen goes off

same for Rayman Origins: playable for a few minutes - then suddenly the screen
goes off

There must be some gpu error and/or unrecoverable issue (in the sense that gpu
can't reset itself ?) involved

since after rebooting via Magic SYSRQ Key (this box doesn't haven't a Reset
button /facepalm)

the Bios (Amibios) gives the following error signals:

long - short - short; gpu error

pcie_gen2 worked fine in the past so that doesn't makes things worse

tried it with radeon.audio=0 radeon.aspm=0 but that didn't make a change

disabling HYPERZ also doesn't help (afaik it helped for Unreal Tournament 3 to
run flawless)

already thought about to turn on some more debug info or trying out additional
switches but didn't find relevant while going through the bugtracker

help ?

thanks for your hard work - the driver keeps on getting better and better !

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