[Bug 68524] radeonsi with glamor has very poor performance with primitives drawing

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Fri Jan 10 02:52:25 PST 2014


--- Comment #31 from darkbasic <darkbasic at linuxsystems.it> ---
> First attempt at handling diagonal lines in poly_line code
> It's not amazingly fast this way, but it is a 10x performance improvement.

Thanks! This will surely mitigate things while waiting for a proper fix.

> glamor: Reinstate wrappers to make software fallbacks a  little less inefficient

Thank you too.

> Do you have a spreadsheet that you can share?

I have some spreadsheets (small ones!) which make calc completely unusable but
unfortunately I really can't share them. If I will find something else I can
share I will let you know (I don't use calc that much). Maybe Kamil Páral can
help you.

> As I've seen similar comments from others, I wonder if there's something weird
> on your system wrt the raster backend. Though I suppose the inefficiency of
> glamor software fallbacks might just be particularly bad for you because you
> seem to be using relatively high resolutions.

With high resolutions it is worse of course, but trust me you will notice it if
you're affected by the problem (even at lower resolutions). Just try typing
something in the Konsole and then hold backspace for a few seconds before
releasing it: it will keep deleting for a few seconds after you released

Something weird on my system? I exclude it: I turned upside down my graphical
stack hundreds of times, I even tried a fresh install of the most widely used
distribution (Ubuntu) with the very same results.

Something weird with my particular graphic card? Maybe, but it sounds strange

> We are taking this problem seriously, but we obviously can't drop everything
> else because of it.

Nice to hear you're taking this issue seriously.

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