[Bug 73286] X server does not find all resolutions on monitor connected via displayport

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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > When I connect one of my monitors via DisplayPort, [...]
> To a DisplayPort connector on the monitor, or another kind of input
> connector? If the latter, are you using an active or passive adapter for the
> DisplayPort output on the Radeon card?

I am connecting the DisplayPort-out connector on the graphics card to the
DisplayPort-in connector on the monitor with normal DisplayPort cable. No
adapters involved.

I should maybe add that, when booting up and before X is running, the Kernel
(with KMS) automatically chooses and successfully enables the highest possible
resolution (2560x1440) on all connected monitors, including the one on
DisplayPort. It's only when X starts that the monitor is switched back to

Also, the same hardware setup works with all resolutions supported by the
monitor under Microsoft Windows 7.

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