[Bug 87433] X crashes randomly at logout using radeonhd driver

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Sat Dec 20 01:59:05 PST 2014


--- Comment #3 from heavymetal at gmx.de ---
Sorry for the incomplete backtrace, I missed an option in the Gentoo package

I'll attach two similar gdb backtraces, one after logging out from an Xfce
session, which resulted in a blinking text cursor in Xorg's current console,
and one after logging out of a KDE session, which resulted in the screen going
into standby.

After The Xfce logout, I was able to switch to another text console, login as
root and restart X.
After the KDE logout, none of the text consoles were available, I couldn't even
login "blindly" to restart X. However, restarting X from the remote PC via ssh
worked like a charm.

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