[Bug 87188] X.org segfaults when launching Emacs with hybrid ATI/Intel GPU

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Wed Dec 10 16:43:59 PST 2014


--- Comment #3 from Elias Amaral <tolkiendili at gmail.com> ---
Just one thing, running Emacs doesn't crash X after I upgraded Mesa and Xorg
drivers (but not Xorg itself) to their git versions, those:

xf86-video-intel-git 8630.6c2707d-1
xf86-video-ati-git 3166.c9f8f64-1
mesa-dri-git 66817.65ef78e-1
libdrm-git 5331.00847fa-1

6c2707d, etc. being commits.

Now I want to downgrade to 10.3.5 because there are some intermittent glitches
(graphical corruptions on Chromium and Steam, periodic freezes in various
graphical programs, a Wine program is closing by itself, etc). Perhaps this was
caused by keeping X in its stable version (I upgraded with an Arch repository
that didn't have the git version for xorg-server). But anyway this is a matter
for another bug report(s).

I think it may be worthwhile to provide a gdb backtrace when I downgrade, but I
can't find Arch packages with debugging symbols. I may compile myself - do I
need just xorg-server (and xf86-video-ati?), or mesa too?

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