[Bug 87188] New: X.org segfaults when launching Emacs with hybrid ATI/Intel GPU

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            Bug ID: 87188
           Summary: X.org segfaults when launching Emacs with hybrid
                    ATI/Intel GPU
           Product: xorg
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
                OS: Linux (All)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Driver/Radeon
          Assignee: xorg-driver-ati at lists.x.org
          Reporter: tolkiendili at gmail.com
        QA Contact: xorg-team at lists.x.org

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Xorg.0.log after the crash

I've made this bug report on the Arch Linux bug tracker, here:


It may be of interest so I'm reproducing its description here. I'm using the
latest stable software as of 10 Dec 2014 (versions below). I'm available to do
further debugging like running X on gdb (but I'm not sure how to do this, since
X is normally run on a wrapper script) or installing different versions.


I have an hybrid ATI/Intel GPU and whenever I open Emacs, X crashes.

My notebook is a Dell Inspiron 15R-5537-A10 - it has a Radeon HD 8670M GPU and
Intel i7-4500U with Intel HD Graphics 4400 integrated GPU.

The hybrid GPU otherwise works, with PRIME (by setting it with xrandr and
running glxinfo with or without DRI_PRIME=1). The above crash happens either if
I don't configure PRIME, or if I configure it and either set or don't set
DRI_PRIME. I can run any program, except Emacs. It also crashes when I run
vanilla Emacs with no configurations.

A workaround is to add modprobe.blacklist=radeon to the kernel boot line,
making Emacs run fine.

Additional info:

$ lspci | egrep 'VGA|Display'
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated
Graphics Controller (rev 09)
03:00.0 Display controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Sun XT
[Radeon HD 8670A/8670M/8690M] (rev ff)

$ pacman -Qv xorg-server xf86-video-intel xf86-video-ati mesa-dri libdrm linux
emacs glibc | grep -v :
xorg-server 1.16.2-1
xf86-video-intel 2.99.916-3
mesa-dri 10.3.5-1
libdrm 2.4.58-1
linux 3.17.4-1
emacs 24.4-1
glibc 2.20-4

Also this from Xorg.log (the full log is attached)

[ 78.539] (EE) Backtrace:
[ 78.539] (EE) 0: /usr/bin/Xorg.bin (xorg_backtrace+0x56) [0x593d36]
[ 78.539] (EE) 1: /usr/bin/Xorg.bin (0x400000+0x197e89) [0x597e89]
[ 78.539] (EE) 2: /usr/lib/libc.so.6 (0x7f8c6f003000+0x33b20) [0x7f8c6f036b20]
[ 78.539] (EE) 
[ 78.539] (EE) Segmentation fault at address 0x0
[ 78.539] (EE) 
[ 78.539] (EE) Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start X (in my case, LightDM launches XFCE on boot, but it happens in other
DEs too)

2. Launch Emacs

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