Sony G520 CRT snaps on mode switch

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Fri Dec 5 11:27:59 PST 2014

Alex Deucher composed on 2014-12-05 10:06 (UTC-0500):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> I have an rv516 card:

>> In as many different machines and with as many different Linux distros and
>> versions I've tried this with (always FOSS X drivers, and IIRC, all with KMS
>> kernels), I don't think there are any that don't ever exhibit $SUBJECT. I do
>> a lot of switching between KDE3 & 4 and the vttys, so this is annoying, and
>> makes me wonder if it could be damaging the CRT for this to happen.

>> The "snapping" manifests different to different extents. Sometimes the screen
>> just goes black then redraws. Other times in addition, the going black is
>> accompanied by an audible snap noise. A mode switch (aka to or from KDE and a
>> vtty) isn't required, but can be induced by running the attached script that
>> includes xrdb and xrandr commands.

>> Last booted was openSUSE 13.1, server, radeon driver
>> xf86-video-ati-7.2.0-2.4.1, libdrm_radeon1-2.4.46-3.2.2 from which I got no
>> snapping sound.

>> Does this sound like a software issue, or hardware? If software, kernel, or X
>> driver?

> It's pretty common with CRTs and is a normal part of the mode switch process:


I know about that.


I sent without realizing my story left out key points. The click sounds like
it normally does when being awakened from sleep mode, except distinctly
*louder*. And, I use this CRT with many different video cards, none of which
that I can remember switch *loudly* like the rv516 *sometimes* does: mga400,
i810, i845, i865, i915, i945, iG31, iG43, nv r11, nv r84, rv200, rv250,
rv370, rv380, Cedar, XGI Z7/Z9 & others. The rv516's loud switches are
accompanied by a very brief flash of bright white only at the top of the
screen. My other cards don't cause that.
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