[Bug 63397] Screen corruption with LibreOffice/OpenOffice (with glamor enabled)

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--- Comment #17 from Klaus Kusche <klaus.kusche at computerix.info> ---
(In reply to comment #16)
> I think this should be fixed, please reopen if it still happens with glamor
> from xserver 1.16.0 or later.

Still happens here:
* Menu line is almost completely black after minimizing and restoring LO.
* All dialog buttons are completely black and unreadable,
  I can't use any dialog (save, print, convert to pdf, ...) in LO.
* Some toolbar or tool buttons and all pulldown arrow buttons 
  are partially black.

I have noticed some minor font rendering problems in other applications
(which go away when I scroll or repaint), but no such serious background
corruption in any other application - seems to affect libreoffice only.

Turning glamor off solves all problems.

HW: VERDE (ChipID = 0x6825)
xorg-server 1.16.0 with integrated glamor (not external glamor lib)
xf86-video-ati 7.4.0
mesa 10.2.6

Is there any way to turn off just glamor 2D accel 
without loosing opengl, vdpau, xv etc?

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