[Bug 55745] freezes / strange behaviour on G3 Apple iBook

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--- Comment #13 from Olivier Mehani <shtrom-freedesktop at ssji.net> ---
I appear to have the same problem (inverted colours) on an early 2005 G5 iBook
running Gentoo with anything more recent than linxu-3.7.0 with UMS. KMS
definitely seems to be linked to the problem. FVWM, xterm and ImageMagick's
display seem affected; maybe Geeqie too. Firefox and Gnome Terminal get their
colours right, though. Everything seems usable otherwise.

Linux gloduk 3.10.7-gentoo #9 PREEMPT Fri Sep 6 21:31:50 EST 2013 ppc 7447A,
altivec supported PowerBook6,5 GNU/Linux


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