[Bug 68984] X11 doesn't start, Segmentation fault when using Radeon "BONAIRE" 7790 graphics card

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--- Comment #15 from Tom <neatnoise at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to comment #14)
> More distro / setup issues:
> Looks like your X server loads the "glx" module ahead of time by default,
> which is known to break glamor. You'll have to talk to Gentoo folks about
> how to fix this.
> Also, glamor was built with GLES2 support, which is bad. This may be partly
> due to your USE flags containing gles2 and/or gles.

Ok, I finally got it working. 2D metacity desktop works good, compiz desktop
too (except the window shadows that are not rendered). There is a problem with
stability - any use of 3d acceleration (even in 2D desktop environment) in web
browser, compiz, glxgears, basic games leads to GPU hang/freeze for about 0.5
minute. Could it be a kernel issue or userspace mesa issue?

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